Abacus Introduction


Abacus-The theory is that people are either left brained or right brained,meaning  that one side of their brain is dominant.The left brain has been dominant function for most people worldwide….
Left Brain Vs Right Brain(Image)

The left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body.It also performs tasks that have to do with logic  ,such as in science and mathematics.On the other hand ,the right hemisphere co-ordinates the left side of the body and performs tasks that have to do with creativity and the arts….

Whole brain development Concept

How does the abacus help in whole brain development?
Abacus Programs helps  a child visualize and conceptualize ,which is the primary function of the right hemisphere of the brain.abacus helps to performs arithmetic mental calculations faster than calculator & Computer…
They visualize the abacus beads in his/her mind and perform arithmetic calculations with accuracy and timing.Children are trained to listen and understand  numbers while they do mental calculations.As the numbers get larger ,they will accumulate abilities to memorize ,required great concentration and focus on the tasks at hand.

Research Says–Typical scientific and mathematical calculations uses the left brain; by visualizing an image of the abacus in their mind ,students are able to tap in to their right brain achieving a balanced usage of both brain hemispheres.
Abacus Training help students to understand numerical  system and mathematical formulations.using the both brain can effectively Boost

  • Concentration
  • Memory Retention
  • Accuracy
  • Photographic Memory
  • Speed
  • Listening Skills
  • Visualization

Hence abacus helps in whole brain development